Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mexican Earrings: A Collection

I have collections of various things: art, shoes, buttons, books. There is one collection I have, though, that I wish to share. I have quite a collection of Mexican earrings. This collection happened by accident and I barely realized that my collection is, well, wonderful. I know it's self indulgent, let me toot my own horn here, my collection is something I only recently learned to admire. So I am sharing it with you, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do.

These were my first real expensive pair and I only wear them on days when I feel ultra happy or I am going to a fancy party.

These I wear daily, which is why they are tarnishing at the tops. I love them and they have panels that move when I walk or turn my head. They are my super favorite of all time.

I like to wear these with the ones above. Two crescents look real good together.

These were a fairly recent purchase, I like them because they are real long and they dangle very nicely.

I just got these a week ago. I love them. They are of the newer style and the bronze pearls make them all fancy shmancy.

These are from Peru, they aren't quite like the ones above, but they are just as fun to wear.

Now if only I could figure out how to keep the tarnish at bay...



Good Girls Studio said...

your collection is gorgeous! Love all the birds perched along the tops :)

PS might want to try a jewelry cleaning cloth or silver polish for the tarnish, you should be able to pick either of those up at a jewelery repair shop.

Chickenbells said...

Oh my heavens...I am sitting on my hands so that I don't jump in the car and run down to try on all of your beauties! And...I'm hardly ever THIS excited about earrings.

I must come down and you can show me where to shop for all the goodness!!

Wende said...

Wow, Amazing. I adore that first pair.

Are they heavy? I have a torn lobe, so I can't wear heavy dangly earrings... these are truly lovely, I'm tempted.

Nadia said...

Kristen, don't try to keep the tarnish at bay. It makes them even more beautiful. I rarely polish mine.

A Fanciful Twist said...

Don't worry about the tarnish. On certain jewelry like these, the old tarnish is considered a highly beloved patina....

But, if you must clean them , do not take a solution to them, it will ruin them and make them super silver and awful. Just use a polishing cloth. So the darkness stays in the grooves....I'll give you one of mine...

But, if you go to my room, and look under my bed, inside the brown box, under the album next to my arm weights, and inside the pocket of my fur coat that the weights are on top of, you will find a polishing rag.. j/k

I LOVe them, I want some!! xoxoxo, Your sissssssssttttter

your collection is bbbbyouteeeefooooooool!!

AnastasiaC said...

ohhh lovely! the bottom ones remind me of traditional greek silver jewellry...the scrolls and delicate silver lace! pretty!!!

sulu-design said...

Be still my beating heart - these are gorgeous! And I agree with most of the ladies above... I say keep that beautiful tarnish. It adds such lovely character.

(ya sistah) said...

You have the coolest banner in the whole blogoshphere!!! hee hee

agapanthas and goldsworthy said...

your sister made me come here (actually not really made but because she suggested it i knew it must be good)
i think there are three types of people in the world * non earing wearers * those who wear earings but rarely change them (boring old me) * and then those crazy glorious people like you, who people like me envy and dream about being.
does that make sense?
keep collecting!! it must run in the family. have a great weekend xx rosey

Gillian said...

Fabbie collection!
I love those. I love the birdie details.
The pair with the bronze pearls are my fave.
Keep blogging! I've added you so you must! YOU MUST!!!

paris parfait said...

Those earrings are stunning - as is your new banner, no doubt created by your sister. I can see the family link with beautiful collections! Am hoping one of these days to get back to Tucson and see Miss V and hope to meet you as well. Or maybe the two of you could take a trip to Paris? Perhaps you could persuade V. to finally get on that plane?

Lovely blog!

Tita said...

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