Wednesday, June 24, 2009

City Girl or Country Girl?

It seems that every conversation I have had recently has centered around the question, "am I a city girl or a country girl"? What about desert girl? I am from Arizona.

It has been up for debate recently, and I have decided that I am a combination of both a city and desert girl.

I grew up in a small U.S.-Mexico Border town. We lived about 20 minutes out of the town center, so wildlife was always abundant. It had been a long time since I had spent a good amount of time at my parents house. They have an amazing backyard.

Every morning I woke up early and let Douglas out. He loves to chase the birds. He has never caught one, but I love his unfaltering determination to keep trying.

As I sat and sipped coffee with my mom on Monday morning, I watched the birds.

She caught sight of something behind me. We immediately got a hold of some binoculars and I got my camera. There was a clearing across the way from the house. We saw something rustling in the bushes.

When we found what was moving, we counted 19 javelinas!!! There were four babies traveling with the pack. They were so adorable. We ran around to the front of the house in order to get a closer look.

I could hear them in the bushes near me, but I didn't realize that they had circled where I was standing. My mom had run into the house to get something and when she came outside she started screaming at me to run!!! The darn javelinas came charging at me from all angles. I felt bad because they were protecting their young and I was just trying to watch them. That feeling went away right quick as I ran into the house to get away from them. They ran so fast, too! Once we got into the house, my mom and I were giggling like little girls for like 20 minutes. She got all shaky and nervous, but I thought it was funny. It felt good to be around nature like that.

Until next time!
xo - K


Chickenbells said...

I totally relate to being both things myself...being in Northern Arizona affords me to be both a desert and a pine girl...but, I love the hustle and bustle of a city (just not all the time)

And those silly javelinas!! They run through my yard, and I'm downtown...but the worst is when I was younger riding horses with a good friend and we were chased by an entire pack of was exhilarating and scary all at the same time...

senorita-amandita said...

great entry! missing the desert...

Kathy said...

My girlfriend just left Arizona and I loved her tales of the visiting javelinas....