Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have a few... shoes, coffee, sewing... There was a week where school was closed in order to assist in an energy crisis in Albuquerque due to frigid temperatures, some people were without power and gas. In an effort to save energy and try to extend services to those who had none, we got to stay home while campus shut down completely. I took it as an opportunity to feed into my addiction... sewing addiction, that is.

I bought this book, One Yard Wonders, a few months ago on my weekly visit to Borders. It has some super cute ideas for household items, clothing, kitchen, kids, even pets! I have used their pet jacket pattern and it fits my Min Pin, Douglas, quite well.

I took a trip to the fabric store and found some adorable items...

I used the One Yard Wonders book to make a messenger bag for my 10-year old cousin.

I also happened upon this tutorial for a boxy pouch and made a few...

Even though I have a lot of school work to do, I need to make time to sew... it makes me happy!

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Nick Sánchez said...

I know most addiction are unhealthy...but this one produces beautiful results.