Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

The new spring semester just got into full swing. I was so surprised when I realized we were already in week 3. I have been teaching at 8am and have to be up at 5am in order to complete all my morning rituals (i.e., walking the dog, drinking my coffee, creating a wonderful outfit). I haven't had time for much else... until today!

I receive text alerts from the University on my cell phone, and at 6am today, I received word that we were on a two hour delay due to the snow and icy conditions, which meant my class would be cancelled. I wrapped Douglas up and headed outside to give him a walk.

I also had to break in my new Sorel boots.

As we were walking, I noticed it started to snow more, and just as I wondered if they would close school for the day, my cell phone beeped with a new message... NO SCHOOL TODAY! Yippee!

My friend, Nick, brought over his Wii and we're streaming movies from Netflix while enjoy Vegan treats he brought with him!

I just love snow days, don't you?!


a fanciful twist said...

Hooooorat for a snow day. It ia freezing here. It is so dry and coldie. It is 10 degrees outside right now here. Can you believe it?

Love the boots, love Douggie, love snow, hooooray!

a fanciful twist said...

oops, typos galore.

Hoooorat = Hooooray

ia = is

Queer Kumquat said...

I love vegan treats and snow.

this free bird said...

i freaking love sorels. they are beyond cool. sometimes i think about wearing them just when it rains. the love!

A Vintage Industry said...

How do you like the NetFlix via Wii ? We've been thinking about checking it out.