Monday, August 1, 2011

A little time to myself...

I finally finished teaching a summer school class. I have to say, I am not sure what is worse, taking or teaching a summer school class... either way, I am glad it's over. I feel burnt out and just a wee bit too tired. I have exactly three weeks off before the fall semester begins and... er... wait... I just realized that I won't be taking any classes.... I will be taking my comprehensive exams and granted I pass, I can begin working on my dissertation.... whoa... time has gone by so fast.

Well, enough school talk... at the beginning of the summer I made a crafting to-do list and an academic to-do list... everything on the academic list is finished... SO, I have a list of 15 crafty items to tackle, beginning with this...

My mom had asked me to embroider her some towels that she had seen at a very over-priced home furnishings retailer... well, these may not be over-priced, but it has taken me longer than I like to admit to finish them.

Once i finish these, I have a whole lot to get to!


cb said...

i love your bird embroidery! so beautiful. glad you finished up teaching <3


sister said...

Yay for a little r&r. I am crazy about your embroidery! I want!!