Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some Holiday Spirit

The one thing I have experienced while living in Albuquerque, is that fall really is beautiful, but I seem to have avoided paying attention because I didn't want to believe it was going to get cold again. In Tucson and Nogales, it's either hot or cardigan chilly, so to have moved to the high desert of Northern New Mexico... well, it's been difficult to adjust. I had been in denial that Fall had arrived, but clearly Winter is already knocking at our door. It's been cold and for a girl from the low desert of Southern Arizona, I never take to the cold well. The change in the environment that Fall brings, is very beautiful though. Some of these colors are simply gorgeous.

My neighbor's wall has this ivy crawling all over it, and I couldn't help but notice the variation in the colors. It boggles my mind that this just happens naturally... it's so beautiful!

In the spirit of the change in weather and the joining in with the holiday decorating going on around the neighborhood, I decided to get to work on some of my holiday decorations. I found this fantastic tutorial over at Purl for a felt wreath (the photo below is theirs).

When it comes to crafting, I love to work with felt. I always have, and probably always will. Which means that I always have felt in my craft closet. I went through my fabrics and found that I had enough felt in red, white, and green to make my own version of the Purl wreath.

I have been cutting flowers and making textured centers for them throughout the week and then used the weekend to stitch the flowers onto the back panel.

I used pins to hold the flowers and centers in place while I stitched them onto the back panel.

I was so excited when I finished, but then... I didn't know where to hang the wreath... so, now it's hanging on the wall behind my desk. I wish I had a fire place with a mantel to hang it on, but I don't :(

Until I find an appropriate place, this is where it shall stay.

Now I have to work on the stockings I am making for the fam. We moved when I was in high school and we seem to have "lost" these awesome stockings with designs in sequins. We haven't had great stockings since and I have taken on the task of making us new ones. I am going to accent each stocking with a felt mum, which I also worked on throughout the week.

I found the tutorial over at Everyday Art. Mine aren't coming out quite so lovely as the one in the tutorial, but I really like the handmade quality of mine.

I have a few more flowers to work on and then I can sew up the stockings. I'll share photos of the fabric later, but I found some wonderful fabric with vintage holiday and santa images on them.

Until next time!


Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous wreath! I love it! I actually really like where you hung it, it will be a nice little dose of holiday cheer where you least expect it. Have a beautiful day!

Lots of Love,

cb said...

i totally know how you feel, i do not take to the cold very well either. i would love to live where it never gets very cold.. like cardigan weather but big jackets and lots of layers is not my style, no thank you! i would be perfectly content if winter never reared its ugly head! your wreath is perfectly beautiful! you did such a fantastic job! have you ever thought of doing a dia de los muertos scene in felt? that would be awesome!

a fanciful twist said...

LOOOVe your felt art!!

The vines of autumnal colors on your neighbor's wall are incredible!!

Love, sis