Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December to Remember, Part I

Without planning it... Nick and I have turned this month into a December to Remember. There have been various holiday events around the city recently, and somehow, Nick and I have managed to catch the majority of what's been going on.

A holiday stroll in Old Town Albuquerque, with the tree lighting ceremony and various Folklorico dances.

I love the movement and colors of the skirts. I think I need one of those skirts...

We caught what we could of the Parade of Lights... the snow hindered our desire to stay outside.

We caught a hay ride at the Rio Grande Community Farm to see the Sandhill Cranes migrate south from Canada.

We topped all this off with a Holiday Mariachi Espectacular. (I was scolded by the usher for trying to take photos, so all I got were these two cell phone images).

Not too shabby for the first two weeks of December... I wonder what we'll do this weekend?


cb said...

wow you guys are totally living it up santa fe style! love it! i really wish i could pull off those huge colorful skirts. i have been trying to make this month fun too as tom and i both aren't crazy about christmas (the whole greed thing gets to us) so i have been getting decorations and trying to make it fun again for us. it is working :D i went a little crazy at the store the other day but they had such cute stuff!

a fanciful twist said...

You really are living it up!!! I am an elf, working away. What fun you are having! Nick is such a blast!

I lover your glitter shoes below, yummms!

love, me