Saturday, December 17, 2011

Move over Santa...

...there is a new elf in town.

Just joking!

I transformed my apartment into a holiday workshop right after Halloween. I have been crafting felt flowers (used as gift wrapping above), making gifts, and wrapping everything. I decided to make everyone's gifts this year, because handmade is just more sentimental, and affordable! Since I can't share photos of the majority of items I made, for fear of spoiling someone's Christmas... I am going to share one, because my Dad doesn't read my blog, at least I don't think he does... If you do, Dad, sorry... hope you like your gift!

I took a tutorial from Women's Day Magazine for a glasses case and altered it just a bit. I added lining and left it rectangular. The lining is my favorite. I don't remember when I got this Loteria (Mexican card game similar to bingo) print fabric, or where I got it, but it's one of my favorite fabrics to use.

I have two more gifts to finish, and then I am officially ready for Christmas. I am hoping to finish the last two gifts today. My quality control manager, Douglas, seems to be exhausted from all this gift making.

Off to the crafting table!

Until next time...



cb said...

the flower toppers are awesome!! i wish had time to wrap but i am just using bags instead although i have a few that i am using vintage scarfs for as wrapping :)

Sarah said...

The flower toppers are so rad! I tried making them once, but gave up for lack of patience. And look at sweet Douglas in your lovely sheets! I love that teenie dog!