Friday, December 2, 2011

Small Celebrations

This week has been one where everything has fallen into place. I have a fellowship with the University of New Mexico Libraries and one of my major projects this year has been to put together an exhibit focusing on the U.S.-Mexico Border. I was able to dry mount all of the images for the exhibit, so I can install it next week. I even found some items that were exhibit-ready in our collection.

Having been raised on the border, in Nogales, Arizona-Sonora, one of the major reasons I decided to obtain a PhD, is to contribute to the amount of written history that is lacking about my hometown. Which is the source of the other small celebration this week, because I finished putting together my dissertation prospectus/proposal and the chair of my committee approved it to go out to the rest of my committee.

I was excited about the images for our collection, so I decided to share them with you. These are really just a few, because I have about 30 images total. This image is from an artist collective in Oaxaca called ASARO (Asamblea de Artistas Revolucionarios de Oaxaca), and they have a few prints that focus on the unsolved murders of women in Juarez. Their work offers a critique of the Mexican Government, and the pieces related to the women of Juarez are asking for an investigation into who committed the more than 400 murders since 1993... some say there have been close to 1,000 murders, but I am uncertain of the exact number... 1 is too many, in my mind.

This is a photograph of a migrant making his way to cross the border on the Northern Mexican Frontier by Elsa Medina.

When I stumbled upon an image of Pancho Villa during the Mexican Revolution, I knew our exhibit was going to be great.

I am still debating whether or not to include this photo, because I haven't been able to find the details of its creator and such. I love it, though. I don't know if it's all the sombreros that I love, or the shadows, or what... but I just love looking at this image.

Those are my small celebrations this week... the exhibit is almost ready and my prospectus is finished and ready to be approved... Now, if only I could apply enough effort to finish sewing up Christmas gifts, then this week would be perfect.

Until next time.

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cb said...

congrats sweetie! that is huge!!! what an amazing topic to be working on and sharing. i too really like the sombrero picture, i love that is all you can really see and the lighting is really fantastic. if you can include it you should!