Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finishing What I Started...

In trying to finish projects that I have left either half completed or partially constructed, I have given myself yet more to do. Which is nice, because as things have slowed down significantly at school, I have been able to finish some embroidery projects. (I should have ironed this panel after I washed it, but I didn't. Please forgive the wrinkles!).

This was a fun embroidery sampler to work with. I like to use bright colors... I think it keeps me in a better mood when I am surrounded by bright colors.

I had the most fun stitching the roof. There were some stitches I had never tried out before, that I was surprised came somewhat naturally once I gave them a whirl.

As I was organizing my craft/fabric bin two weekends ago, I decided that a patchwork border around this panel would be great.... then I'll turn it into a pillow. I'll keep ya'll posted on that as it develops.

Speaking of pillows... I also finished embroidering a pillowcase. I stitched up a Buenos Dias (Good Morning) pillowcase quite a bit ago. I finally got around to finishing this one. The scroll-skull-flower accent along the top, had been alone on this pillowcase since last summer.

AND... in maintaining the pillow theme here... I am going to finish another set of pillowcases. On one of my many visits to Joann's, I stumbled upon this pack of pre-stamped pillowcases while stocking up on embroidery thread.

I don't know why I love this, but I do. The ruffles at the edge of the pillowcase make it extra velveeta cheesy, but I just adore it. I opted for red and pink colors as opposed to the purples the instructions suggest. Red is my favorite color, so I wanted to stick with something I enjoy.

Hopefully I can keep up this kick of finishing what I started. I still have two quilts to finish...

Until next time...



cb said...

i want to start a embroidery club with you! i haven't done a bike one in a year! these are so fantastic and i love the buenos dias one! such a cute idea. the red floral one looks amazing and can't wait to see that one complete!

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

The little house embroidery is adorable! I love the bright colors too!

Jennifer said...

Oh this lovely lady pillow case is already looking so beautiful! Your embroidering amazes me, since all I'd ever probably do is stick myself and knot the thread a whole bunch. That house is so sweet looking! You really should start a shop of embroidery. Unless you're like me and want to keep every creation you make hee hee.