Monday, March 26, 2012

A Birthday Banner

Thanks to everyone for their input on the banner! I finally finished the birthday banner (or bunting) out of some felt and the March Stitchalong pattern from Feeling Stitchy. This is not only the way I have decided to say Happy Birthday to Feeling Stitchy, but it is also a bonus because my birthday is coming up this weekend.

I love celebrating my birthday. Aside from Halloween and Valentine's Day, my birthday is one of my most favorite days of the year.

My birthday this year is fun, too, because it's my Golden Birthday. I am turning the same age as the date of my birthday. 31 on 31.

I am not real sure what my 31st year might bring. All I know is that I plan to have a lot of fun with whatever comes my way.

Until next time.



cb said...

it looks so cute and happy. i love the colors so much. oh yay a golden birthday, how exciting. i had mine when i turned 21. i wish you the greatest year :) and cheers to the new and exciting things coming your way!

Chelsy said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the banner! Have a most magical year.

Nadia said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh dear perhaps I am a little bit late since it is Sunday night but happy birthday! The banner turned out fantastic!