Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Belle

Here's a little update on the pillowcase I have been working on.

I am glad I stuck to red and pink, as opposed to the purples that are on the manufacturer's packaging.

I think her hat is my favorite.

I just have to finish the sash on her dress, and add color to her hands and neck.

I apologize in advance for the short post... my allergies are driving me crazy and I can't sit still or my eyes water too much and I'll sneeze 12 times in a row...

Until next time.



cb said...

this is so beautiful kristen! you are so talented! i love it.

hope your allergies clear up soon!

Bohemian said...

These are just beautiful! I had an Elderly Friend Peggy, who made the most wonderful Pillowcases and Tea Towels for me in these Styles... I cherished her Work. Alas, she is now no longer well enough to Create her Art so I am Honored that I received so much of it when she was able. It is becoming a Lost Art to Create entirely by hand, I'm so glad to see Artists that still Create these Labors of Love!

Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me in my new Venture, it is so much Fun and I've already done very well so my Booth has been well received. Yes, weren't those Southwestern Vintage Linens fabulous? That Gal's Booth I could wander in all day! When you get to Phoenix be sure to check out both Brass Armadillo locations & also all of the fab Shops along 7th Avenue between Indian School & Camelback in the Melrose District.

Blessings from the Desert outside Phoenix... Dawn... The Bohemian

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh this reminds me of Gone With The Wind! Only more colorful and fantastic hee hee! You've got such an eclectic style. It's wonderful. Great job, the detail must be brutal!