Friday, March 16, 2012

WIP & a Question

Although I am on Spring Break, I have been working. I tried to take a break, as evident by my last post, but after a couple hours, I had to get back to work. I just couldn't sit still. I had some research I finished for a professor and some library work I brought home with me. Additionally, I decided to finish up the March Stitchalong with Feeling Stitchy, BUT I need your input, because I can't decide how to finish this off.

I stitched this little piƱata onto two separate panels and thought a birthday banner would be a good idea, but now, I am not so sure... What are your thoughts?

Without bunting flags? I was thinking if I went this route, it might be fun to stitch the letters to ribbon.

With bunting flags? If I go this route, I'll use some canary yellow quilt binding as the ribbon to connect the flags together.

What are your thoughts? What kind of banner would you like on your birthday?

Look forward to your ideas.



May said...

Very cute! Dang, I got no talent like this, so I'm kinda jealous!���� And I would have to have a ice cream birthday banner..... Maybe I should start planning my birthday....����

cb said...

that is so cute kristen! like you i would have not been able to sit still either. i love the idea for a banner, maybe for toms birthday i will make one!

Jennifer said...

Fabulous pinatas! I think if it were my birthday, I'd like to have a banner made of moons and stars :) I love this colorful pinata idea though. I think I like the letters on the purple backing best. Perhaps it is too late and you don't need the question answered anymore. I've gotten behind on my favorite blogs :(