Friday, March 9, 2012

WIPs and Things

It's taken me a while to organize myself and finish up projects I started before the holidays. I put everything on hold when I started making Christmas gifts for my friends and family. I am catching up now, though, what with academic tasks to complete while I am not sewing or embroidering. I have one more quilt to make before my sewing/crafting "to do" list is complete.

I took the embroidery sample I bought from Charlotte Lyons and turned it into a small pillow. Please forgive the lighting... it's been overcast here all day and I can't seem to get good lighting for these photos.

I took some scrap fabric and made the patchwork frame. Then just used some larger scrap pieces for the back.

I finished a baby quilt for a colleague of mine. We used to share an office on campus. She just had a beautiful baby boy.

With Spring on its way, I think this will be a nice quilt to use as a play mat or for laying the baby on.

Next on my list... A picnic quilt. I found this fabric at a home decorator fabric store in Tucson that was going out of business. There was enough for a picnic quilt and a tablecloth.

I must confess that I did sneak in a small project even though I said I wouldn't. I broke my own rules, but sometimes, breaking the rules yields something wonderful. In this case, I decided to participate in Feeling Stitchy's March Stitchalong. They are celebrating their birthday in March... and so will I... *wink*wink* A piñata is perfect for celebrating a birthday. I haven't had a piñata in quite some time, but this one is going to go on a birthday banner.

I took a stab at stitching with paper. I didn't have tracing paper or parchment paper... so I used wax paper. I transferred the image onto the wax paper and basted it to a sheet of felt. (Bear with me here... I stitched two piñatas. I know they are going in different directions, but I kept forgetting to take pictures, so I would take them as it occurred to me, but the transferring is still the same).

I stitched through the paper. The stitches act as a perforation for the paper, and then it's easy to pull away from the fabric.

Once that's finished, I gently pulled of the paper, tweezers helped here.

Then it's done!

That's the update for now... must get back to stitching.

Until next time.



cb said...

you are jamming throw these projects i am so jealous! i have so much i want and need to get done. that pillow is so freaking cute! you did such a fantastic job! and the baby quilt is really cute! i love that it isn't typical baby colors...i made one for my niece a long long time ago and i made sure not to use baby colors.

Jennifer said...

That is such a sweet gift for a baby boy! That pillow is fantastic as well, I want it tee hee. Goodness you've gone mad stitching haven't you ;) I enjoy the eye candy, so I'm glad you have been so busy! The wax paper is a really great idea. I'd never thought of that, how to get such precise designs.