Friday, April 20, 2012

To miss or not to miss?

It seems that every time I speak with my father, he wants to know what I will miss the most about living in Albuquerque. He'll say, "Krissy, whatcha going to miss the most?" I hadn't really thought about what I would miss the most.

On one of my long walks along the river and acequias with Nick, I decided that this is what I would miss the most.
A few years ago, I realized I was not a city girl. I love being out in the desert and the sun, smelling nothing but the fresh air. I grew up in the rolling hills of Nogales, Arizona and loved running barefoot through the splinters and rocks... I still do. When I moved to Albuquerque, I took to walking by the river. In Southern Arizona, river beds don't exactly overflow with water. Unless it's monsoon season, and even then it's shortly lived. So, the Rio Grande became a little getaway for me.
For now, this is what I will miss the most. The river and the causeways that were created by families who settled here as far back as the 1500's.

Until next time.



Jennifer said...

I completely understand :) I am not a city person whatsoever. In fact, I intend to get out of here after graduating and head to the Maritimes. That sounds like the perfect life for me. I've never really moved so I suppose I don't understand how it is. I do know what it's like to close a chapter though. My dear older brother just graduated with a BFA in film studies and it's ridiculously hard to find a job in that field. He's facing possibly having to move back home which is awful for him, since he's in Toronto right now and is definitely a city guy.

cb said...

i think i would miss these same things! i love being out doors too and when i ever leave my current city i think i will miss some places too but maybe just the thrift stores because they pretty awesome! hehe