Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I made it back to Tucson with the help of my brother and parents. Early Saturday morning, we left Albuquerque and trucked me, my dog, and my stuff almost 500 miles back to the place I call home. I am happy to report that we all arrived safely.
I finished my Charlotte Lyons Sampler just in time for the trip home. It feels almost surreal to be back in Tucson. I lived in Albuquerque for three years while working on my doctoral coursework.  Now I am free to write my dissertation from Arizona.

As we drove through the desert... which is pretty boring because it's flat and there isn't much to look at... my brother and I found a hard rock radio station that happened to be playing the most appropriate song for the trip...
Once we got to my house I was most excited to unpack the box of fabric and craft supplies that I have. Lately, I have been dreaming up so many things to sew and stitch, that all I want to do is create! Before I left Albuquerque, I had received word that I won a fantastic giveaway from Fabricworm! I was so excited to hear I had won. To my surprise, the fabric was here when I arrived on Saturday.
I really want to start quilting. I have made some basic quilts before, but I would like to be more elaborate and create different patterns with the fabric. These fat quarters from Fabricworm are just what I needed to get a summer quilt started. I have to get back to unpacking boxes of stuff, but hopefully I can share the beginnings of a quilt project very soon.

Until next time!



cb said...

so so happy you made it home safely! and i love the fabric you got! the color is so cute and the patterns are amazing! i can't wait to see the quilt you make! it will look sooooooo cute!

Laura said...

glad you had a safe trip home. i love your sampler, so beautiful!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Isn't that a fab state sign to welcome you home?! Love it! The sampler is gorgeous, so bright and pretty.
Congratulations on your win!

Chelsy said...

Congratulations on your move!

Jennifer said...

So glad you're home safe! Something about stitching and crafting that is so homey am I right? Perhaps I am just a cozy hermit at heart tee hee. But I can only imagine how my heart would ache for my lovely family if I'd been far away from them for so long. Good luck with the rest of your writing and studies! You'll do super brilliantly guaranteed!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Your sampler is so pretty! Your handiwork is perfection. My niece, Heather was going to college in New Mexico too, but came home six months ago due to stress, and being so far away from home in California. Probably the same distance you were away from home. She already has four years of college complete and was majoring in Developmental Studies. I think she has had a long enough break and hopes to proceed and get her Masters Degree.
It is a lot of work and I admire you gals who stick with it.
Cheers and keep creating those lovely embroidered pretties.
Teresa in California