Friday, May 4, 2012

Paper Flowers

I was on the hunt for a paper flower tutorial the other day, and stumbled upon some images of a festival in Portugal that is constructed completely out of paper flowers! I thought I would share some of the images I found with you, because they are FANTASTIC!
I found the initial photos here, which included a brief description of the Festa dos Tabuleiros that occurs every four years in Tomar, Portugal. It's a festival that began in the 14th Century by Queen Isabel, in order to honor the saint of the Divine Spirit, and has continued ever since. 
Image found here

Image found here

There's a parade, or procession, during the festival that includes women wearing these large and elaborate crowns made of amazing paper flowers, as well!
I also found images of a different flower festival that occurs on Madeira Island, Portugal. More information can be found here
I pretty much have strong feelings for that orange top hat and need one immediately.

Other images found here and here.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

That's incredible, so pretty!
The only thing we get in the streets here are riots :(

cb said...

holy crap, these are amazing! i love them!!!! i want to dance & twirl in all of these images! i wanted to do these same flowers for our wedding but we had so much other stuff to do that it got left out! maybe for a party or something. are you thinking about doing them for home decor? that would be super cute!

Jennifer said...

Oh! If you find a good paper flower tutorial please do share! I am in love with them too and want to string them from my bookshelves. What a beautiful festival! Reminds me sort of of the colours we have here during the tulip festival every year. The Netherlands send a gajillion tulips to Ottawa every year as a thank you for the Canadians stopping the fighting during WWI for a short amount of time in order to provide the Dutch people with food and supplies, as they were starving due to the war.

That window is amazing! I have to agree with you on the orange top hat as well. Thank you for sharing this!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Amazing paper flowers! Thank you for sharing the links to these fabulous photos. I would love to follow your blog! Hope you found a super paper flower tutorial!