Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Library Tote

Do you ever bookmark tutorials that you find online, and keep thinking you want to try them sometime, but then they keep getting set aside? Well, that happens to me all the time, but today, I actually tried one.

I had bookmarked a tutorial for a library tote bag, and I found the perfect fabric to use for it while I was sifting through my bag of scraps (that crazy overfilled bag I shared in my last post). It was the perfect size to use as the front panel for this bag.
This lotería fabric is completely out of print. Lotería is a Mexican card game, somewhat similar to bingo. I found this fabric by chance at a quilt shop many years ago. I bought two yards and made quite a few things with it. I started to run out, so I went to buy some more. Turns out, it sold out everywhere. I have looked everywhere and called everyone. The manufacturer's have even released a statement that the fabric is completely discontinued. Much to my surprise, I found a nicely folded piece in my bag of fabric scraps.
I looked up the tutorial I had bookmarked, (which can be found over at NoodleHead), got my materials together, and in a short while, I had a new library tote. The image below is of the backside.

The instructions are very easy, and I was super happy with the result. Even the inside looks good!

I already used it. It's super functional and can hold more than I thought it would. Now to get to reading.

Until next time.



cb said...

Holy cow kristen that is sooo cute!!! I love all the combines fabrics too! Oh you did such a fantastic job! Love love!

Jennifer said...

Why would they discontinue it if it was so popular!? I LOVE it! And the bag you made with it! I love when you talk about Mexican culture, I couldn't be further from it in Northern Ontario and find it so fascinating. I've been obsessed with the Day of the Dead the past couple of years. Those cards are so neat, they remind me of tarot. I bet there are some pretty cool fortune telling uses for them too.

NTCtag by Ning Tagle Clark said...

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing your library bag and the tutorial.

Now, it gives me an idea to make a bag and stitch on the plain canvas fabric all the authors name and books that I have read and would like to read in the future.

I am new to reading novels and classic books ( my family was busy making ends meet when I was growing so reading was not really my parents first priority ) But I am glad I have discovered authors like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens and other brilliant authors that I am very keen to read. Love learning new words to add to my word bank.

Sorry, I've said too much already. Thanks again! And Have a lovely weekend! Ning : )

Jessica said...

Wow! I love the tote! I stumbled across your blog via A Fanciful Twist, and I'm really glad that I did! I've actually visited here a couple of times but I'm not sure if I've ever left a comment or not...maybe I have, and I just can't remember!

Thanks so much for sharing :)