Monday, August 13, 2012

Brazilian Inspiration

I have always been interested in South America, Brazil specifically. I have been trying to learn how to speak Portuguese, and when I hear other people speaking it, I find it so beautiful. I had come across this music video for "Reciclar Você" by Família Gangsters a while ago and appreciate it for two reasons: 1) there is an effort in São Paolo to recycle and 2) individuals in the community have come out to paint the carts of the men who pick up the items to be recycled in order to raise more awareness in their city. Oh!... it's in Portuguese, too, but there are subtitles.

After knowing and watching the video by the Família Gangsters, I had come across this short documentary about the recyclable material collectors who often go ignored. In order to recognize their efforts and bring them closer to the community, the city came together to paint their carts, make any necessary repairs, and meet the men who help São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro avoid drowning in their garbage and rubbish. They are calling this movement, Pimp my carroça or Pimp my Cart. They offer medical check ups, new shoes, gloves, or glasses, if the men need them. It's a movement toward recognizing that recycling is important and thanking the men who handle the recycling for the city.

PIMP MY CARROÇA (english subtitles) from Parede Viva on Vimeo.

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Gerushia's New World said...

OH my gosh...what a neat video. I love the painted carts.

Bravo to those recyclers. Not only are they doing a good thing, but they're out in their community everyday, meeting and talking to people. I'd much rather pull a painted recycling cart than to work as a suit in an office!!

Gerushia's New World