Thursday, August 9, 2012

Halloween Preparation.1

Yes, that's right, I'm preparing for Halloween. Now, I am not crazy, but Halloween has been calling me. Everywhere I go there is a little sign that Halloween is coming. I decided it was time to place an order for Halloween fabric and get my embroidery patterns transferred onto fabric to begin stitching them up.

I found this free adorable witch pattern here. Once I started stitching, I couldn't stop. 

I have a very large pile of Halloween fabric now, and I am thinking a patchwork border would look great around this witch. 

Looks like I just gave myself a bunch more sewing projects, but that's my favorite type of work!

Until next time!



Gerushia's New World said...

This post makes me all giddy and Autumn like. It's never too early for Halloween prep as far as I'm concerned.

I adore your embroidered witch. You are a really good and precise stitcher.

Bravo for Halloween in August, even if it is 107 degrees here in Southern California today.

Gerushia's New World

Laura said...

She's such a cute little witch! I love it. I'm ready for autumn, but not halloween. I hate that the stores start selling stuff in early July. :-(

cb said...

you are so adorable! i love the little witch. i am preparing for my halloween costume. i think i am gonna pick up my bike embroideries again! you have inspired me!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

oohh that is spookily adorable! I'm so glad my kids already love halloween and they are already asking me when it will be!! My son even pretended it was the other day!!

Renee said...

I've been thinking about putting my fall things out. Love the little witch.

Auntie Bliss said...

how cool would a halloween quilt be?

Yarni Gras! said...

I'm already started on Halloween goodies too!