Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vintage Stitches.3

On my recent trip to the Los Angeles area, I knew I had to explore the vintage and antique stores in order to find treats and treasures that I wouldn't find in Tucson. I found this place in Fullerton called, The Brick Basement. They had amazing items and I didn't know how I was going to pick just a few things. BUT, I did, and managed to get everything on the plane and home!

One of my favorite finds and new treasures is this very lovely vintage embroidered table runner, that can double as a scarf, if need be. I know this is exactly what I need... no scarf, no worries, the table runner will suffice *wink*wink*

I can see the pattern underneath the stitches, and for some reason, that made me love this piece even more. I am not sure if it is that noticeable in these pictures, but if you look at the pink flower below, there are little bits of the pattern peaking through. 

The runner has the same image on both sides. So, if I were to wear it as a scarf, I would have two poodles around my neck. 

On one edge, there was a little note that said to ask for free instructions. I wish I knew where this came from so I could see these instructions! This is also where it was noted that this could be a table runner or scarf. 

I love vintage embroidery. It inspires me to keep stitching. I haven't decided if I might turn this into something else, but for now, I am enjoying these vintage stitches and am glad I brought this piece home with me.

Now that Halloween has passed, it's time to get back into the groove of work, writing, and stitching. I can't believe it's November... I just can't believe how quickly time passes!

Until next time!



Liz said...

Love this!!

cb said...

So cute.a two in one piece, score! You could also frame it too, that would be fun too!
Ps. I owe you an email! When my boss leaves early first, thing, your email!

Laura Tieri said...

Very cute! I love old stitched kitchen towels & pillowcases too.
I like to drive when we go on vacation. That way I have plenty of room for all the goodies that I bought. You can just toss them all in the back. That's probably why my husband prefers to fly, I can't buy as much. : )

Jennifer said...

I think I'd definitely wear it as a scarf, but I'm a bit wacky with my wardrobe. I love it!

Gerushia's New World said...


What a great find! There are so many cool places throughout Southern California to shop for vintage. Looks like you scored.

I still have a lot of the old embroidered pillowcases and table runners that my mom made. I love them. A part of me wants to put them away for safe keeping, but another part of me thinks they should be used and enjoyed everyday!

OH my gosh...have you ever heard of the short lived fad "liquid embroidery"? My mom had a set of that stuff. I still have a few pieces my mom made with the liquid stuff.

Gerushia's New World