Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Stitches & Little Stitches

It's a cloudy gloomy cold rainy day today. The kind of day that requires a large mug of tea, a good book, and a comfy snuggly blanket. I picked up a super adorable book at Barnes and Noble recently, and it's given me so much inspiration. Which means that on a day like today, I get to enjoy some stitching, in addition to the good book, while I wait for the rain to go away.

Aneela Hoey, of Comfort Stitching, published a book called Little Stitches. It is the most darling embroidery book I have ever seen! I almost shrieked in the bookstore, but because I didn't want to disturb other customers, I made sure to internalize my shrieks, ooohs, and aahhs. Incidentally, do the rules of the library apply at a bookstore? I am not sure, but I always try to be as quiet as I am in the library at a bookstore... why, I don't know. 

At any rate, I decided to use what has become one of my most favorite embroidery patterns - the snow globe! I am not sure what I will be using this finished piece for. I might gift it to somebody for Christmas... or I could keep it for myself...

 Little Stitches, is super adorable because in addition to offering you embroidery patterns, there are various sewing projects and ideas for where to place your stitches once you have finished. AND, there are even alternate embroidery patterns offered for the different projects. If you don't want a taxicab pincushion, Aneela offers various other patterns that would work just as well for each different project. 

This book is making me feel like I need to invest in a new camera, as well. The images of Aneela's stitches capture all the detail so precisely. I mean, it's just phenomenal!

The next two images are photos I took of the image in the book. It almost looks like the actual stitched piece is in front of me. 

Fantastic, right? 

The last few pages of the book have a ton of patterns. There are also iron-on sheets with all the patterns included as the last portion of the book. I decided to transfer a few to fabric. I am still not sure what I will be giving everyone for Christmas, but I am thinking some little stitches will be good. 

Until next time!



Jennifer said...

Some little stitches would be lovely Christmas presents for everyone! Handmade things are the best :) What a great book you've discovered.

Kim said...

Kristen, These look great! What a sweet book - Love your stitching - especially the snow globe!

Wendy said...

yourlittle snow globe is lovely!