Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Stitching WIP

I have been having a great time piecing together hexies and embroidering the weekly patterns from Wild Olive's Summer Stitching Club. I am really glad I decided to participate, because it's been an entertaining project for me. 

I am not one who does well with idle hands, so having a project that I can work on a little bit each day, has been an excellent way for me to keep myself productive. I am also not a patient person, but this project is proving to be a great practice in patience since we receive one embroidery pattern per week over the course of the summer. 

It might be odd that someone who is impatient likes to embroider, quilt, and sew. Sometimes the projects I take on require time, days, and lots of energy to complete. I will admit that there have been times that I will forgo sleep and food in order to complete projects. In a way, I guess I use embroidery and sewing as a way to try keep my impatience at bay, but most of the time I will work until I finish.

At any rate, joining Wild Olive's Summer Stitching Club has been fun for me. There are some amazing photos of others' progress in the Club's Flickr Pool, as well! 

Before I even joined the Summer Stitching Club, I knew I wanted a summer project that would use up some of my fabric scraps. I am so glad I decided to use scraps, too, because I really like the way all the different fabrics look together. I am looking forward to hanging this up in my office/sewing room, once it is finished. 

Do you have any summer sewing or stitching projects you are working on? I'd love to hear about 'em!

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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

So fun and summery! Really cute stitching and great combo of fabrics to make you smile! I'm plugging away at my EPP, rose star blocks :)

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

SO awesome!!!

I think maybe you are just impatient with certain things? But things you like like sewing and embroidery bring you so much peace, that you zen out? Possibly maybe?

That is what happens to me, and I feel like I am totally impatient.

Although as I get older, time races by so fast, I hardly have any time to feel impatient.

It's all spinning out of control!!

LOVE your hexies!

Jennifer said...

I've been knitting away, not very stitchy or summery I know. Also I think it keeps my hand out of the potato chips while watching movies. HA!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

It looks so amazing!!! Love the colors and of course your embroidery!

Kristin said...

I love your blog and want to follow it, do you think you will add bloglovin or another feed anytime soon? I have Instagram and Pinterest but don't use them to follow blogs. Anyway, happy stitching, Kristin. P8ntingmom.blogspot.com