Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finishing the Autumnal WIPs and Starting Holiday Stitching

I am very pleased with myself. I finished my Autumn-themed projects before Thanksgiving. It seems I am always working right down to the wire, but this time, I made it before the day of festivities! For once I am not late!


I found this embroidery pattern a few months ago and had saved it with the intention of stitching it for a new cushion for my living room. I also pieced together some hexes for a smaller cushion. I really like the way they both turned out. I am also very happy that I am getting to enjoy them before the Thanksgiving weekend. 

In addition to these projects, I am very excited that this week is the last week of Wild Olive's Autumn Stitching Club. Well, perhaps I should rephrase that. I am excited for the finished project to come together, but I have had a great time piecing the whole thing together over the last 12 weeks. Participants will receive our last embroidery pattern tomorrow, then we can finish everything up. 

I cheated a bit and machine stitched the hand-embroidered hexies onto the fabric. There was just no way I would have been able to hand-stitch these hexies onto the fabric without them being totally crooked. Once finished, this is going to be a cushion that will join my other two. I am really enjoying the stitching projects that Mollie over at Wild Olive has been putting together, so much so, that I will be joining her for yet another stitchalong! The Winter Stitchalong begins in December, that's next week! Oh my goodness... that's next week... 

We have had a strange few days here in Tucson, Arizona lately. It rained for two days straight. The sun finally broke through the clouds late yesterday afternoon. In addition to rain, it was very very cold. There was really nothing else to do except for stitch through the cold, which is what I did. Holiday stitching is in full swing here. I have one more piece to go before I add some of these to stockings and more cushions for the living room. 

I decided to try out the metallic floss available from Sublime Stitching. Usually, metallic floss is super difficult to work with, but not this one. It wasn't rough to work with at all. The light sparkly floss was perfect for the glass cloche of this pattern. I also used metallic floss for the trees and some of the stars. 

I took this snow man in a mason jar image from a stamp. I copied the stamped image and enlarged it a bit on the computer. I think it will be cute on a stocking hanging from the fireplace mantel. 

The rest of these patterns are freebies I have found on Pinterest. I am going to add these smaller ones to patchwork stockings. I don't know how many stockings I think I am making, but there will be no shortage of embroidery for them. 

As soon as I finish stitching one more embroidery pattern, I will be able to get started on sewing the patchwork pieces I have planned. 

Are you prepping for your holiday projects?


Laura said...

Those are all so beautiful! I love the snowmen!! There has been no holiday crafting going on in my cottage. I guess I need to get with the program! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, your pillows are awesome!! And I looove the metallic thread. Everything you are making is just wonderful. You are sooo crafty good! xoxo

Liz said...

Very nice! The pillows are great!

Laura Tieri said...

Everything is so pretty! I especially love the cute little deer!
I have to get crafting too.
Just got back from Florida so now I have some catching up to do!