Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Anatomy of a Sewing Kit

Things have been very busy in the world of me, lately, but I guess that's what happens when I decide to take on four jobs in addition to grad school. I was so busy, I missed my sister's Mad Tea Party!! Which is a shame, because I love her Tea Parties and I collect tea pots. C'est la vie. There will be other tea parties, right?... Maybe I'll just make my own and sit with my dog and sip tea.

Whenever things get really busy in my life, I usually have to take a minute, step back, and ask myself, "what's important and what can I remove?" Which usually ends up with me getting back to basics or the bare bones of things. 

This brings me to my sewing kit, or sewing box. I have a large sewing box that is sort of packed beyond reproach. Why I think I need so much in one sewing box is beyond my comprehension. That being said, I decided to pare down my larger sewing box into a smaller more portable sewing kit and I am sharing it with you today. 

I found this miniature suitcase at Target for $6.99. It measures about 9-inches wide by 6-inches tall. It's not terribly bulky, just a child-size accessory. I fell in love with the polka dots, of course, since polka dots seems to be my latest obsession... wait, did I say latest... no, it's a lifetime obsession with polka dots!!

I purchased the dresden pin cushion from the Happy Little Cottage shop on Etsy. I highly encourage you to browse her other items, because everything she makes is wonderful! In addition to the pin cushion, I gathered together the items I felt belonged in a sewing kit. 

Here is the anatomy of my sewing kit: 

- Pin cushion                                    - Straight Pins                                       - Needles for Hand Sewing
- Needles for Hand Embroidery      - Measuring Tape                                  - Buttons in various sizes
- Scissors                                         - Embroidery hoop                                - Thread cutter
- Needle Threader                           - Seam Ripper                                       - Zipper
- Ric Rac                                         - Small Crochet hook                            - Safety pins
- Thread in various colors               - Iron-on Bias Tape                               - Ribbon
- Thimble                                         - Embroidery floss in basic colors

I know this seems like quite a bit of stuff for a small sewing kit, but these are all tools or supplies I need on a daily basis. What I enjoy about this small suitcase, is that it's small enough to fit under the seat in my car or in my desk drawer, so I can always have sewing supplies at the ready, if need be.

What do you like to keep in your sewing kit?


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

That is so cute and what a pretty pincushion! said...

seeeeeeeeeeew awesome, hee hee!

It's sooo pretty!!

Well, we have parties everyday together, so who cares about mtp.