Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vintage Vogart Embroidery Patterns

Last summer, I stitched up some retro-style Aunt Martha Towels using some vintage patterns I had found around the internet. This summer, I have more!

I have a wonderful friend, Nick, who really knows me and what I like. He found these vintage Vogart patterns somewhere in Los Angeles and gifted them to me. I shrieked with excitement when he gave them to me, because I just love these animals!

We both love Vintage sort of kitschy designs, so these embroidery patterns were right up our alley. I tested out the iron-on transfer ink, which just left a pink blob on the fabric... tsk tsk... I know I should have used a test fabric before trying it on the towel.

 I ended up having to scan the patterns I wanted to use, converted them to black and white in photoshop, then printed them and used my LightTracer to transfer the pattern to the fabric.

I didn't stitch them all, but I picked my favorites... Sly as a Fox and Hungry as a Bear.

When I scanned the patterns, they ended up printing a bit larger than the original pattern. It worked out great, though, because they fill this front area of the towel very nicely.

I enjoy stitching on the Aunt Martha Retro Towels because the weave is really easy to stitch through. I think the vintage striped sides accent the vintage patterns very nicely, as well. 

Do you enjoy vintage patterns? Which are your favorites?


Jennifer said...

I spy a little rabbit that is absolutely adorable. The ones you've chosen are so sweet, I especially love the bear, you've done it justice so beautifully.

BossStitch said...

I love these patterns, and you stitched them so beautifully! What do the back of your towels look like? I'm stiching a vintage handkerchief and I'm worried about it looking nice on the reverse.

Bohemian said...

What a Great Eye your Friend Nick has for Scoring Retro Kitsch at it's best! And what a Great Gift it was for him to Surprise you with! Loving the Towels you Created with the Designs. I too am a huge Fan of Vintage Kitsch!

Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

Bits of Stitching! said...

What a nice and thoughtful gift from your friend, that is a very fun pattern with so many fun designs to stitch,... my favorite is the bear! Looking forward to seeing which others you stitch!
I too love vintage patterns! My favorites are: Aunt Martha's, Vogart and some with beautiful nature sceneries, gardens, and crinoline ladies that used to come in magazines (don't have any originals of these). The Aunt Martha's are the ones that I collect the most since they remind me of my mom.

Kerry A. said...

I love vintage Vogart patterns, and I love how you stitched these up - the Hungry as a bear is my favorite. Your friend is awesome for scoring these for you!

Šárka said...

Oh these are so sweet!!!