Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Watermelon Day! & A Tutorial

According to Google, it's National Watermelon Day today! I now people in various countries enjoy a good slice of watermelon, so I am going to go ahead and say, Happy International Watermelon Day!

I created a quick felt and fabric watermelon bunting and I am happy to share it with you so you can create your own!

Supplies Needed:

- 4 sheets (9x12 inches) of red craft felt
- 1 sheet (9x12 inches) of black felt
- fabric or ribbon 90 inches long
- craft glue (I use this)
- scissors
- pinking shears
- rotary cutter and cutting mat (optional)
- iron and ironing board
- sewing machine and supplies

Step One: I bought the felt from the craft store that comes in 9 by 12 inch sheets. Using my rotary cutter I was able cut two pennants or triangles from each sheet that are 7 inches across the top and 9 inches from the straight edge to the pointed tip. If you don't have a rotary cutter, a pair of scissors work just as well!

Step Two: Using pinking shears, trim the angled sides of the pennants/triangles as close to the edges as possible. Repeat for each triangle and set them aside.

Step Three: Using craft or sewing scissors, cut rain drop shapes from the black felt for the seeds of the watermelon slices. I cut about 10 felt seeds for each watermelon slice. You can make the seeds larger if you don't want to cut so many. 

Step Four: Using small dots of craft glue, randomly place the felt seeds on the watermelon slice. 

Leave 1.5 inches of the watermelon slice bare near the top straight edge. This is where the fabric for hanging will go. Set the slices aside to dry.

Step Five: I used fabric to encase the watermelon slices, but you can use ribbon or fabric with the raw edges exposed for a more shabby chic look. 

To make the sort of binding I made, take a piece of fabric 6 inches wide by 90 inches long and fold in half the long way and press. 

Then unfold and fold the long edges in toward the center crease you just created, and press. 

Fold in half again, and press. The raw edges will be completely encased in the fold now. 

Step Six: Place the watermelon slices in the fold of the binding, sandwiching the bare edge of the watermelon slice in between the fabric, and pin in place. Using a sewing machine, stitch along the folded edge of the binding to encase and attach the watermelon slices, and finish off the bunting. 

Step Seven: Hang the bunting and enjoy a watermelon break!

Hope you enjoy and have a Happy Watermelon Day!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Too cute!! Love the vintage feel with the gingham! This would be fun to make with the kids :) said...

happy watermelon day you nugget!!!! looove it!!

Jennifer said...

Watermelon day I better go cut myself a slice or ten! I think this project may even be easy enough for a non-sewer like me to try ;)

Kerry A. said...

This is so cute, and the green gingham was the perfect fabric choice!

Kim said...

This is so cute! Great tutorial, I love the result!