Monday, September 22, 2014

The Breakfast Club

Yes, I am referring to the movie from 1985. It is one of my favorites, and I tend to put it on when I am sewing or working on embroidery projects.

I have been working on some items for the #verycherryswap that was organized by Debbie of Happy Little Cottage and Christina of Emily Ann's Kloset. I put on The Breakfast Club, because I needed background noise, and I am a teacher so it felt appropriate as a nod to the back-to-school season.

Every time I have seen this movie, I always identified the most with the rebel, Judd Nelson's character. Well, I identified with him until now...

So, there I was stitching and making epp hexagons, The Breakfast Club was on in the background and I hear the school principal complaining about students, when I had to stop myself... I was agreeing with the man... then I realized, I no longer identify with the rebel, I identify with the principal!!!!

Once I recovered from the shock and calmed myself down from the inevitable hyperventilation that occurred, I realized I have been teaching college and university classes for eight years, and dealing with students isn't always easy.

I have been facing a lot of change lately with moving into a new house and taking a new teaching job,  and now a new realization that I am getting older. 

All these new changes and realizations are sort of funny to have as I work on cherry-themed swap items, because sometimes life is like a bowl of cherries - it can be delicious, or it can be the pits. When it's the pits, it makes the times when its delicious that much better. 

4 comments: said...

You are the principal, hee heee!! Oh you are realizing you are getting older? Well, just always get a sigh of relief when you realize I am 5.5 years older than you :-) Cuz then you aren't that old at all.

Love it - the swap, the post, the 80's, the today, all of it!

Jennifer said...

But everyone is getting older together! Ok I guess it's easy to say when I still am one of those wacky university students. I'm sure I'll feel the same way too soon enough. I never understand why the librarians in the library at my uni are always such crotchety old bags, they have the worlds cushiest jobs and make way more than you'd ever think. I'll gladly accept one of their jobs to see if it turns me a little crotchety too (or just for the good job you know :P)

Kerry A. said...

Love the cherry stuff you are working on!

So funny that you're changing who you relate to in The Breakfast Club! As long as you're not raiding Barry Manilow's wardrobe ;)

Mr. Candyfloss works with high school students, so he usually avoids TV shows/movies about high school like the plague, but The Breakfast Club is still a favorite.

Laura Tieri said...

You're funny! It's like when you listen to yourself one day & realize...I'm my mother!!!
My husband & I have caught ourselves hearing the neighbor kids music & saying...what are those kids listening to?!!!
By the way, I do love that movie! One of those 80's movies that I've seen a million times!