Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year, New Inspirations

It seems that whenever I am elbow deep in projects, I drop everything I am doing to start something new. I picked up this darling book, This Is Sadie, by Sara O'Leary, with illustrations by Julie Morstad. I am an instant fan of the illustrations in this book (they reminded me of Heather Ross' fabric collections, which I obsess over) and decided I needed some hexies with similar prints and colors for a mini quilt project. 

It's been raining a lot in Tucson and with the cloudy dreary weather, the only real thing to do is focus on making, while staying dry indoors. Of course this is why my photos are not excellent. I couldn't get the lighting just right with the clouds rolling around outside.

I simply adore this book, and the illustrations make me want to play make-believe all day long with a fox doll in tow. In my case, I'll have a rowdy miniature pinscher who wants to steal my breakfast going on adventures with me. 

Incidentally, I am in love with this other children's book, Julia, Child, by Kao Maclear, also illustrated by Julie Morstad. My friend, Nadia, and I sort of look like the illustrations of Julia and Simca, and I am seriously considering adding neck scarves as a wardrobe accessory.

I am a total fan of Morstad's. Her illustrations really inspire me to make, create, and have daily adventures. 

For now, this adventure is a little hexie making while I wait for the sun to peak through the clouds. 

What is inspiring you to make and create in the new year?

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Sara O'Leary said...

This is lovely, thank you! You might like the activity kit that Tundra made for the book: