Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Stitching

I cannot believe how quickly time flies. At the beginning of this semester, I thought I would be able to blog and accomplish so much more than I did. Unfortunately, I took on a heavy teaching load this last semester, so I was swamped with grading and dealing with students. Just when I thought I had gotten into a nice routine, the semester ended. It's summer, which I am so thankful for because it's major slow down here in Tucson. The students and snowbirds have gone, and things around here are quiet. Things have slowed down so much, that I can finally get back to projects and things I have had in mind to finish quite some time ago.

I initially had plans to make myself a springtime quilt with hand embroidered pillowcases. That plan is now a summertime quilt, with embroidered pillowcases.

If you follow me in Instagram, you know that I finished these pillowcases a while ago. It might actually have been during the Spring that I finished them. I found the pre-printed pillowcases for hand embroidery, while shopping for embroidery floss, and decided I needed to stitch them.

I love embroidered pillowcases, and have a few that I have stitched from this great company, Bucilla. I found this flowered pair here. A few years ago I stitched up this debutante lady pair, from the same company.

Back to the floral pillowcases, though. I decided they would be cute with a patchwork quilt. Being it that I love embroidery so much, I had to incorporate some onto the quilt. I found this darling pattern in Claire Garland's book, Embroidered Treasures for Children

I have been spending a little time here and there working on this embroidery. As soon as it is complete, I can finish up the quilt and call this project finished!

What are you working on?

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