Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

My darling friend, Nick, and I spent some time over the weekend carving pumpkins for Halloween! I decided to share some of our new pumpkin head friends with you.

Pumpkin guts!

Jack O'lanterns.

The indifferent pumpkin.

Nick's fairytale pumpkin as Jack O'Lantern.

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Halloween Soirée, Part II

As the second part to my time at my sister's Halloween party, I have come to share a tale with you.

This is a legend shared throughout Mexico and the Southwest United States. Anywhere you may encounter a person of Mexican descent, they will tell you that they know this story. This is the story of La Llorona (pronounced Yoh-RROH-nah)), in English, she is called the Wailing Woman or Weeping Woman.

Young children are told to come home before night fall and to stay away from open bodies of water, because La Llorona will get them. Wandering husbands are threatened with stories that La Llorona will come and steal their children if they cheat on their wives. Women who dote on their husbands too much and ignore their children are often told of La Llorona.

Long ago a young beautiful Mexican woman, Maria, believed she was the better than everyone else because of her beauty. She refused to even look at any of the men in her village. One day a very handsome Spanish man in very regal looking clothing rode into the village on a large beautiful horse. She decided that he would be the man for her. She acted as though she was not interested, and turned away any time the handsome man would look at her or try to speak to her. He even went to her home to serenade her and she ignored his advances. Maria married the handsome man and they had two children. One day he took too long to come home, and Maria waited, and waited. His trips out to the fields and prairies started to take longer and longer. Rumors arose that he had decided to marry a woman of his same class and leave Maria to fen for herself. The handsome man began to ignore Maria and would only pay attention to the children. One day, Maria saw him with another woman, and her children ran to him. He ignored Maria completely, and her rage led her to drag the children to the nearby river where she drowned them. As she watched their bodies float down the river, she realized what she had done and ran after them, but the river moved quickly and she fell to the ground, dead from the grief of what she had just done.

People in the village said they heard crying by the river since that night she was buried. Those who would stay out late, would often see her in the white robe she was buried in. She often catches some children who are never seen or heard from again. She manifests as a beautiful woman to men with wandering eyes, and if they follow her, they too disappear.

So, be careful, don't stay out too late, especially if there is water nearby, because La Llorona will get you...

A Halloween Soirée

I received an invitation to my sister's halloween party.

I was happy to prepare for a marvelous day of tricks and treats especially concocted for today's festivities... so, please, sit for a moment with me at my desk, as I reflect on the witches and wizards of our past.

Not so long ago, my grandmother Josephine compiled photos of those in our family who had the "gift" of clairvoyance and the ability to make everything they thought or wanted manifest as reality. She calls this album, Nosotros, which is Spanish for we or us. And now... I share it with you...

This story begins with young Daniel, he never understood his powers and quite often tormented children on the playground. He would bring wind from his fingertips that could knock people over and his stare could paralyze you with a chill as cold as the arctic. He was evil, until the day he met Dolores... the next photo over is them when they are older. She never understood why she married him, but as much as she tried, she could never leave him... she would reach the edge of the front porch and couldn't seem to move them to take a step down, she would just stand there, frozen. Every time she would turn around to walk back into the house, there was Daniel, waiting for her.

Dolores and Daniel had one child, a son, Joseph, who married a woman very much like him. Together, Joseph and Emilia could predict the future and see things happen before they would. Emilia knew she would never have daughters, so she had to rely on her sons to bring her granddaughters.

Emilia had three sisters, Josephine, Bertha, and Alicia, and they realized that Emilia's husband had similar powers and abilities as they did. In Emilia's family only the women had the power to cast spells and see the future, while in Joseph's, it was only the men.

The three sisters decided that only the women would be the ones to earn the powers and they developed a spell to eliminate the powers that their children and grandchildren would have received. Two generations passed and the women were the ones who obtained the gifts from their ancestors while the men did not...

That is, until the great-grandaughter of Emilia, Carolina, met a dashing young man, Sebastian. She always said there was something special about him... she never could explain what it was, except that it sometimes chilled her to the bone.

That, my friends, is just a little bit about some of the women and men in my past. Every Halloween, I know they are around, I can feel the chill on the back of my neck, but anytime I try to turn around, I am paralyzed by a chill and when I can finally move, I look around and see no one there.

I have more stories for you... please visit me later... when the sun starts to go down...

Note: Nosotros album is the artwork and original idea created by Brandon Maldonado. Learn more about him and his art at