Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Before and After

In trying to continue my process of moving into my house in Tucson, I have had to go on the hunt for furniture. I had been looking for the right kind of china cabinet and found one at a consignment shop in Tubac, AZ. The man who sold it to me had a rather funny story about how part of it was chingered (for those of you who don't speak Spanish, to say something is chingado or chingada is the equivalent of using the F-word in English). His use of the term is a bit of Spanglish which made me laugh, and when he offered it to me for $150, I couldn't say no.

Here is the before.

Everyday for the last week and a half, I have been sanding, painting, and sanding some more for as long as the Tucson heat allowed me to. Which wasn't too long. I finally finished it and got it into the house yesterday.

Here is the after.

I got some new knobs and used some Martha Stewart paint. I sanded it a bit to make it looked distressed. The best part about it, is that it has a light inside.

I was so excited to have a place to store all my glasses and tea sets.
Now that this is finished, I can get back to stitching projects that I've put on hold.

Until next time.


Friday, June 8, 2012

What happens...

...when left to my own devices. 

I go crazy in the garden department and get home with a car full of plants, pots, and soil.
The garden at my house was pretty empty and in need of some color. I decided on hibiscus, lavender, and bougainvillea to start. I have so many ideas of other plants I want to integrate into my new little garden.

It's no secret that I am highly envious of my sister's gardens. She has amazing flowers and a separate vegetable garden. I may not be able to achieve the level that her veggie garden is at, but I can try to have some gorgeous flowers like hers.
I am seriously loving all this new color in the garden. I didn't have a private yard while living in Albuquerque, and now I do. It's going to be a new and fun adventure getting this garden to grow.

Until next time.