Saturday, August 25, 2012

Vintage Stitches.2

Once again, I have acquired some vintage stitches courtesy of my mother. The previous vintage stitches I acquired can be seen here. My grandmother, on my father's side, stitched these flour-sack towels and gave them to my mom in 1970-something. Now, the flour-sack towels belong to me and I get to share them with you.

This darling little alien looking creature is the main character on each towel and there is a towel for each day of the week.

This busy little alien just reminded me that I need to get busy on some unfinished works and projects so I can share them with you here.

Until next time!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mexican Embroidery

I can't say for sure how long it's been since I started embroidering, but one thing is for certain... Mexican embroidered blouses were why I decided to take up stitching in the first place. 

This red on red embroidery is my favorite. 

I took these photos at Picante, a lovely shop owned by my friend, Hazel. She has such an amazing collection of embroidered blouses, dresses, and Mexican silver earrings. I have a very small collection of Mexican silver that I acquired while working there while in Grad school, but there are always more pieces I lust after when I stop in for a visit. Her store is colorful and vibrant. Every time I'm there, I want to transform my house to reflect the colors in the shop. I definitely need more wall space for that.

Hope you enjoy these colors and stitches!

Until next time.