Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Stitches and Marinara

It seems that time has been getting away from me. I used to try to blog once or twice a week and lately I have been occupied with the elements of grad school - research, ethnographic work, reading, & writing.  In order to not go crazy by only focusing on my work, I embroider to relax, decompress, and enjoy my time off from school-related items.

I found these patterns from some amazing and inspiring women. The Hedgehog and Bunny are from Follow the White Bunny (the link to her shop is on the right-hand side bar of her blog). If you haven't checked out Nicole's patterns, you must! They are adorable!

I have a teeny tiny obsession with hedgehogs. Just a teeny one, though... :)

I am a huge fan of Nana Company. Her photos are just so lovely and calming. Everytime I read her blog, I just want to quilt and stitch the day away. She has this free pattern... Do small things with great love. I just adore it, and had to stitch it for myself. 

I found the owl pattern over at the Teeny Tiny Happy Things etsy shop. I think I bought all the patterns in the shop. They were all too cute to pass up. The bunny pattern is next in line to be stitched up. 

Aside from stitching, I needed a little comfort food. After the events of last week, in Boston and in Texas, my heart was just too heavy. I know someone who was severely injured at the Boston Marathon, and I couldn't really find a way to reconcile my feelings. Over the weekend, I happened upon a farmer's market of sorts; a church near my house was selling 60 pounds of produce for $10. I had to see what this sale was all about. I paid the $10 and received a crate of tomatoes, a crate of bell peppers, a box mixed with squash, cucumbers, & corn, a bag of green beans, and four containers of cherry tomatoes. I have no idea how I am going to make use of all this produce, but the crate of tomatoes was turned into Marinara Sauce today. This is definite comfort food for me.

Now all I have to do is wait for the marinara to simmer for a couple of hours.

Until next time!