Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Stitching WIP

I have been having a great time piecing together hexies and embroidering the weekly patterns from Wild Olive's Summer Stitching Club. I am really glad I decided to participate, because it's been an entertaining project for me. 

I am not one who does well with idle hands, so having a project that I can work on a little bit each day, has been an excellent way for me to keep myself productive. I am also not a patient person, but this project is proving to be a great practice in patience since we receive one embroidery pattern per week over the course of the summer. 

It might be odd that someone who is impatient likes to embroider, quilt, and sew. Sometimes the projects I take on require time, days, and lots of energy to complete. I will admit that there have been times that I will forgo sleep and food in order to complete projects. In a way, I guess I use embroidery and sewing as a way to try keep my impatience at bay, but most of the time I will work until I finish.

At any rate, joining Wild Olive's Summer Stitching Club has been fun for me. There are some amazing photos of others' progress in the Club's Flickr Pool, as well! 

Before I even joined the Summer Stitching Club, I knew I wanted a summer project that would use up some of my fabric scraps. I am so glad I decided to use scraps, too, because I really like the way all the different fabrics look together. I am looking forward to hanging this up in my office/sewing room, once it is finished. 

Do you have any summer sewing or stitching projects you are working on? I'd love to hear about 'em!

Until Next Time!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm Late... I'm Late... For a very important date...

As always... I am late for my fancifully twisty sister's annual Mad Tea Party!

Please pull up a chair and join me. There's plenty of room for everyone to enjoy a cup or four of tea, some treats, and share stories of mass hilarity!

There are treats in and under every cup for everyone to enjoy. Do you enjoy your tea sweet? Perhaps you would like a little milk in your tea... however you like it, you can have it here!

Hope you stay a while and enjoy some tea. Happy Mad Tea Party!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Stitching through Summer

Summertime has always been a slow time for me. School winds down, people escape to cooler temperatures leaving the city somewhat empty, and we prepare for monsoon season in Southern Arizona. This type of calm is something I really enjoy.

Now, I know that when people hear/read the word monsoon, they think of a major storm, something akin to a hurricane. For us in Tucson, the monsoon season might not be as rough as a hurricane, but we definitely experience some damage after the storms pass through here. Our rainstorms may last, at most, an hour or two, but so much water falls, and the wind blows things so out of control, that when we assess the damage, it's often outrageous.

A week ago, I took a trip to the laundromat to wash my large comforters that don't fit in the washing machine at home. I was out of the house for about 45 minutes. It began to sprinkle as I entered the laundromat, and while I was waiting for my things to wash, the rain poured down. I left when the rain stopped, but the parking lot was so flooded that I had to wade through ankle-deep water to get to the car. As I returned home, I saw trees that had fallen into the streets and were blocking traffic, AND 13 power lines fell down near my house. I was without power for 2.5 days in the Tucson heat and humidity.

There was only one thing to do to survive... stitch through it.

My laptop ran out of battery early on. My cell phone survived a day. Internet was not available, so none of my work could get done. There was odd silence in my neighborhood. I thought people would be crabby, but we all sort of accepted the reality and waited patiently for the diligent power company men to find a way to repair all the damage. 

I decided to dig up my folder of embroidery patterns and work on the ones I had been most excited to try out but hadn't had the time to get to - until now. This deer is from Doe-C-Doe and I had been saving it for quite some time. 

At some point, I had to escape to my parents house so my dog and I could sit in the coolness of an air conditioned home. Which gave me enough access to the internet to download the midsummer stitchalong pattern from Feeling Stitchy. I have to say, I quite enjoy Reginald, the flower pirate. 

It's been an odd week, readjusting to having electricity and that miraculous invention called an air conditioning unit. Here's hoping that this doesn't happen again during our monsoon season.

Until next time!