Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Stitches

It's been Halloween at my house for over a month. I am actually contemplating keeping Halloween permanently. We'll see how that works out once December rolls around *wink*wink*

I have wreaths like this for almost every time of year. Most notably for Halloween and Valentine's Day. I posted the tutorial a while back, and it's available for you here, should you want to make your own. If you haven't gotten on track with Halloween decor, you can knock this out in an afternoon before the weekend is over and hang it on your door before the 31st!

The table is set and ready for Halloween guests. I kept the banner I used last year over the mantel. All this has been out since Mid-September. I even changed the books on my coffee table to Halloween-themed tales (sorry, don't have a photo of that for you). 

I have also been stitching quite a bit for Halloween. Some patterns have been on the shelf for a while (and by while, I mean a year or more), and I am so excited to get to stitch them up... finally!

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Andrea Zuill's, her patterns never disappoint. This Halloween bat is definitely a new favorite. 

I love these Creepy Critters. I just find it hilarious that these sweet bunnies are spooky Halloween characters. I couldn't resist stitching them up. 

Of course, Halloween isn't complete without a Jack O'lantern. 

I found this adorable pattern designed by Amanda Woodward-Jennings (of the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery) and couldn't resist. I mean, a chubby bat?... I was immediately on board to stitch this up.

I have a large stash of Halloween fabric that I needed to use up, because let's face it, I can't hoard this fabric forever. I made patchwork placements for the dining table. I used Gina Matarazzo's Pumpkin Pal's embroidery pattern for the napkins. Incidentally, the tutorial for the napkins is available on Feeling Stitchy, should you want to make your own. 

I also started working on a Halloween quilt. Told ya... have to use up this stash of fabric. I am hoping to have the top finished before the end of the weekend and finish putting it together by Thursday. Here's to last minute Halloween projects! (My apologies, I had to use cell phone images for this, because I forgot to use my camera, so the pictures aren't as great as I would want them to be).

Are you all set for Halloween?? I can't wait. 

Until next time!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween in Disneyland... again!

Yes, yes, just like Britney, I did it again... I went to Disneyland for Halloween time! 

I took a trip to Disneyland last year, especially for Halloween. This year was a little different. I took a quick trip to Los Angeles to celebrate my brother's birthday. He wanted to go to Disneyland the day of, so away we went! I, of course, was super excited, because it's already Halloween in the Land of the Mouse - there was not a complaint out of me. 

I guess I should mention that I have no clue who any of the people in my photos are. They were innocent bystanders, subjected to my incessant photography. Don't you ever wonder how many times you might come out in other peoples' family vacation photos?? Anyway... that's neither here nor there... Disneyland!... Halloween! Ok, some of my favorite decorations were on display again this year!

There were jack-o-lanterns everywhere, and I LOVED it!

Of course, one of our first stops was the Haunted Mansion. I LIVE for the Haunted Mansion. I wish my house looked like it, inside and out. I know, I like red and pink too much, but hey, a girl can dream.

I love that the Haunted Mansion gets decked out with The Nightmare Before Christmas for the Halloween and Holiday season. 

I would love to wander through a forest of jack-o-lanterns. It would be creepy, but totally awesome, especially when they come with Disneyland magic!

I snuck a picture while heading inside the Haunted Mansion. I definitely need a snowman made out of Jack-o-lanterns in my life, ASAP.

We did head over to the California Adventure for some roller coaster riding, but as we headed back into Disneyland for the evening, things started to light up. 

I was able to stroll through the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) section and enjoy the Disneyland take on the Mexican tradition. 

This was probably one of the quickest trips through Disneyland that I have ever taken, but it was awesome to share some memories with my brother and celebrate his birthday with the Mouse. 

It was a short trip, but it was fun and has me totally inspired for Halloween!

Are you ready for Halloween? Do you love it as much as I do?

Until next time!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Guest Post at Le Challenge

You all have to head over to Le Challenge! I was so excited and feel so lucky that Lucy and Nat invited me to do a guest post for their current theme, THRILLER! 

I chose to stick with a Halloween inspired Thriller of a theme and shared some of my current "thrilling" projects. Head over to Le Challenge and link up some of your THRILLER-themed projects.

 You don't have to share projects related to Halloween, that's just what I chose, but it could be anything that incites thrill... race cars, roller coasters, anything that gets your heart racing. 

Link up your project by October 15th and YOU COULD WIN a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop

Head over to Le Challenge to check out my post and enter for a chance to win!