Monday, March 17, 2014

Library Stitches & Superstar Sewing

I made a pact with my sister and close friends this year - we decided this would be the year of YOLO (You Only Live Once). Now, I know it's a silly concept, and yes, it was totally my idea, taken from the lyrics of a Drake song, but the notion was not lost on me. There are so many things I dream of doing that, for whatever reason, I don't do. This year that all changes, because I do only live once, so I have to make this one chance good and I won't be holding myself back anymore. 

That being said, I decided to open an Etsy shop - Bobby Pin Stitches. I had been wanting to open one for quite some time, but I hadn't. Then I thought, YOLO... so, I did it. I'm still in the process of making items, but I sew and embroider everything that goes in the shop. I am hoping everyone likes what I make as much as I enjoy making it. 

 I came up with this embroidery pattern as an homage to my love of the library and the books contained within. I hand embroidered the front panel and framed it with fun and bright fabrics. I listed them in the shop and already sold a couple. Which makes me very happy! I will definitely be making more, in addition to some other ideas I have been working on. 

I absolutely love reading and visiting the library. When I was young, I went to the library and could have stayed for hours. Whenever I move to a new city, I always make sure to know where the library is and get a new library card, immediately. The idea for these totes came out of that love and appreciation for the library and the fact that I did, in fact, leave my heart there. 

In addition to my shop news, I am very excited to share that I am being featured on Cut Out + Keep as a Sewing Superstar this week! 

Every day from today through Sunday, there will be a sewing tutorial created by yours truly! Head over to check out my posts here

Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Stitches

I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted! I had been feeling like I wasn't caught up for a bit there. Lots of work and things to do. I finally feel like I am reaching a point where I am in a good working groove.

That being said, I couldn't believe that I hadn't prepared anything for St. Patrick's Day yet. I simply love all the green and fun that St. Patrick's Day brings. Most of the my stuff is still in boxes because of my sudden move, so I have no idea how to reach the box with my usually St. Patrick's Day decor. I made this embroidered banner and shared the tutorial over at Feeling Stitchy.

I also have a paper banner tutorial that I made last year, it's really good for using up old newspaper you might have laying around. 

I guess I love banners for St. Patrick's Day, don't I? ;)

Do you have any fun plans for St. Patrick's Day?