Monday, September 22, 2014

The Breakfast Club

Yes, I am referring to the movie from 1985. It is one of my favorites, and I tend to put it on when I am sewing or working on embroidery projects.

I have been working on some items for the #verycherryswap that was organized by Debbie of Happy Little Cottage and Christina of Emily Ann's Kloset. I put on The Breakfast Club, because I needed background noise, and I am a teacher so it felt appropriate as a nod to the back-to-school season.

Every time I have seen this movie, I always identified the most with the rebel, Judd Nelson's character. Well, I identified with him until now...

So, there I was stitching and making epp hexagons, The Breakfast Club was on in the background and I hear the school principal complaining about students, when I had to stop myself... I was agreeing with the man... then I realized, I no longer identify with the rebel, I identify with the principal!!!!

Once I recovered from the shock and calmed myself down from the inevitable hyperventilation that occurred, I realized I have been teaching college and university classes for eight years, and dealing with students isn't always easy.

I have been facing a lot of change lately with moving into a new house and taking a new teaching job,  and now a new realization that I am getting older. 

All these new changes and realizations are sort of funny to have as I work on cherry-themed swap items, because sometimes life is like a bowl of cherries - it can be delicious, or it can be the pits. When it's the pits, it makes the times when its delicious that much better.