Hello. I am Kristen, also known as the Bobby Pin Bandit, currently living in Tucson, Arizona.  I learned to sew as a child when I would spend the afternoons with my Grandmother. She taught me how to make doll and Barbie clothes, which transferred into making my own clothes as I got older.

My grandmother introduced me to embroidery, but it wasn't until I took a trip through Mexico and encountered a myriad of beautiful hand embroidered blouses, that I decided to revisit textile embellishment. The was well over 10 years ago. Nowadays, it's typical to catch me embroidering on anything and everything.

I earned the title, Bobby pin Bandit, from friends and family because I have long hair that I love to pin up, but I tend to "borrow" their hair-ties and pins for extended amounts of time. I have hair clips and bobby pins everywhere - in the car, throughout the house, on my desk, and the bottom of my purse - but even though I have hair clips everywhere, I still take some from others from time to time, especially if they belong to my sister. I don't mean any ill will by it, and it brings a giggle to those who spot me wearing their hair accessories. One day, I will return them all, but until then, they have a safe home with me.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like to use this as a place to share the items I create.